what is spandex fetish and what is shiny fetish

What is shiny and spandex fetish. This is not something that you can really describe into words. Shiny fetish is a desire and lust to see women in spandex or even wear spandex yourself. Shiny fetish and spandex fetish is different for everyone with many sub fetishes involved. Some like just the beauty of a women in skin tight shiny clothing, some like the touch and feel of a women in tight shiny fetish clothing.  There are some individuals that really enjoy partaking in the spandex fetish with a partner by wearing spandex during intercourse or for play and some find it arousing to wear it without sexual stimulation, just lounging around and going about their daily routines.

Shiny fetish can branch off into many different types of materials. Some prefer shiny metallic spandex, some prefer a more matt finish spandex. Shiny fetish also then gets into other types of materials like vinyl, pvc, latex, rubber, plastic and pantyhose. Part of the attraction to vinyl and pvc fetish is the smell. The smell of fresh vinyl and pvc can be very intoxicating to a person who has a shiny fetish.

Most individuals who have a shiny fetish, find that this developed at a very early age when they were a child. Some believe this stems from a baby wearing vinyl diapers that planted the seeds for shiny fetish. Now that is just a theory. Who knows where is comes from, all I know is I am glad I am one who enjoys tight shiny clothing. Those that don’t have a shiny fetish have no idea what they are missing.